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Perfect in Print and Online

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Perfect in Print and Online

As a writer, you want the reassurance that your words are as perfect as can be and will make an impact for all the right reasons.

If you run a small business, it’s important that the words which create your brand and your professional image present you in the best possible light.

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By far the best way to achieve that is to have a trusted second pair of eyes look over your work, before you hit the “publish” button.

They can ensure that it's error-free, logical and easy to read, and makes you look good in print!

They say a book is judged by its cover - in the digital age, we are judged by the content we publish!

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Authors & Writers

Do you know what kind of editor you need?

It’s a rare thing to find someone who can provide every kind of edit you need. In a nutshell there are at least 3 kinds:

  • A proofreader crosses every T and dots every I in your writing, but won’t make deep sweeping changes to the context.
  • A developmental editor provides plot and characterisation guidance while your book is still being written.
  • A copy-editor does a deep-edit on your existing writing.
  • A copywriter writes content on your behalf from scratch.

Overall, a good editor gives your book a far greater chance of getting published!

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Small Businesses

Why does your business need a proofreader?

If you don’t have an actual office or premises, a website is a virtual shop window.

It needs to look bright and sparkly so it appeals to your customers to look inside!

You know your own business inside-out. But when you try to explain to someone what you do, are you stuck for words?

An editor or proofreader can make your words crisper and more elegant while retaining your unique voice.

They can weed out those errors or inconsistencies that could make your business look less credible than a competing better-presented site.

Or a copywriter can write your copy for you.

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Other services available:

  • translation for non-UK businesses
  • international businesses needing UK English language materials
  • attention-grabbing ideas for headlines or titles
  • dissertation and thesis reviews
  • resumés and CVs
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What my clients say

I met Janice at the London Book Fair in 2017 and we got talking. I offered her a complimentary copy of one of my Pocket Manager books. Not only did she give me very positive feedback on the useful content of this book and its appropriate tone, but she also pointed out several typos which had slipped through the editorial net. What a lovely and generous lady.

Janice has been a life-saver as I’ve dipped my toe in the self-publishing waters. Not only is she a solid proofer, she also helped with the copy-editing process and consistency. She has become a much-valued and enthusiastic member of my self-publishing team as I forge ahead in developing my range of fiction, and I would highly recommend using her for your own work.

Janice was recommended to me to proofread my book. She completed the work well ahead of schedule and did a great job, picking out far more grammatical issues than I thought possible. She also made helpful suggestions to re-word specific sentences which did not flow as well as I would have liked. I am now confident that my book is presented as well as it can be, and I consider that the time and money invested in proofreading was very well spent. I would certainly recommend her.

I contacted Janice almost by coincidence, having a very short deadline to submit a short story. I was stunned with her speed, efficiency and how she understood perfectly and immediately each and every sentence of my original script - written in English but by a non-native English speaker. All her corrections/suggestions were spot on, and I was extremely pleased with her professional service, professional manner and her final product. It takes a very experienced and multi-lingual editor/proofreader to offer such quality in such a short time!

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